Novara CellMark provides creative logistics strategies and solutions

We are dedicated
to effective supply chain solutions

Novara CellMark provides creative logistics strategies and solutions to North, Central and South American customers. We import and arrange multimodal supply routes primarily from Asian, Middle Eastern and European countries. Our commitment to customers is to provide high-quality, competitively priced logistics using the most reliable transport partners in the world at the lowest cost.

We organize the best logistics routing for consignments to take account of specific storage and delivery requirements at the lowest cost. We generally deliver in dedicated railcars, bulk trucks seabulk containers or big bags. For larger liquid cargos we offer discharge to dockside tanks.

We aim to deliver products to our clients beyond their expectations.

Value Leverage

The final delivered price is highly dependent upon achieving the most efficient logistics cost possible. Because we and our partners move many thousands of containers each year, we can use this volume to obtain an advantage on our inbound freight costs. We also have many effective arrangements with local warehousing suppliers and specialist trucking companies which enables us to obtain the very best possible rates.


We use a large network of specialist suppliers who have been proven to be geared to meet our import requirements. This usually gives us many effective alternate routes for shipping and local delivery, which allows us to manage cost.

Risk Control

There are many potential pitfalls in shipping product over large distance and particularly on importation. Container demurrage, duties, anti dumping duties, truck detention, security inspections and customs are just a few of the challenges that add to the cost of importing product. Novara is expert in avoiding or managing these problems resulting in the delivery of product on time and without any hidden fees or additional costs. Novara customers receive what they want, when they want it at the price agreed upon when the order is placed.

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