Hygiene Pallet

The Novabox Hygiene Pallet CPQ N004 is ideal for the storage, handling and distribution of food, pharmaceuticals and other products where cleanliness and hygiene are important. Read full description below.



Product Description



Although initially more expensive than wood, plastic pallets can save money through longevity and by virtually eliminating repair and maintenance costs.

The CPQ N004 pallet safely racks loads of up to 1,250Kg and is suitable for freezing down to -30oC. Smooth surfaces minimise dirt traps and facilitate fast and thorough cleaning.

An optional 7mm rim retains Euro size (600x400mm) containers. Wide width fork entry provides fast and safe access to forklifts, while curved-profile runners allow smooth access for pallet truck rollers.

Unlike timber pallets, there are no splinters or metal shards that could damage contents or injure personnel. Plastic pallets have a constant tare and do not absorb moisture or contaminants.



Smooth 1200 x 1000 mm standard size pallet with optional 3 and 5 runners


1200 x  1000 x 160 mm

Internal Dimensions

11000 x 910 x 420 mm

Load Capacity

1250kg un-reinforced / 2250kg with reinforcements


25 Kg

Max loading

450 Kg unit load (stacks to 10 high)


HDPE Suitable for direct food contact

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